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About Biodanza

Biodanza, the dance of life, is uplifting and expressive. Done in group classes to fantastic music that makes you want to move, Biodanza is like a ‘movement-joy bomb’ that counters stress and lifts your mood.

If it’s time for you to get out of the ‘chronic stress loop’, Biodanza is a great way to do it. Simple, direct and immediate, Biodanza can be done by everyone. There are no steps to learn and nothing to ‘get right’.

Started in South America, today Biodanza is known and loved around the world.

What a beautiful day and workshop!  . . .  I felt so energised and alive!  My family and friends wanted to know what I’d been on, they were convinced I must have taken something to feel this amazing!?  Can’t wait for more . .”  Lisa (mother and health enthusiast NSW)

Biodanza and stress reduction

If you are living with emotional, family and/or economic stress, this may be affecting your mood, immune system and entire organism. Chronic stress can affect mood, sleep, outlook and the desire to live a healthy life.

meetup groups canberraProgressively the dances and exercises done in Biodanza dissolve the effects of stress. Naturally, a better balance appears for most people. Biodanza participants report that they sleep better, feel more energised and find it easier to move towards what is good for their life.

Biodanza motivates many people to create a lifestyle aligned with their inner values and desires.

The Biodanza system is grounded in science and the arts. Research at the University of Leipzig in Germany showed weekly participation in Biodanza increased optimism about life, reduced levels of anxiety and strengthened the immune read more . . .

There is a lot of intelligence and purpose behind the seemingly (and possibly deceptively) simple dances and movements. If you are able to trust the process, the rewards and benefits are exponential.” Shawn , Horticulture specialist

Biodanza is an integrative, progressive vibrant process, that gets into every cell & changes the way we are. It’s amazing. And it’s based on life. It is changing my life.” Mariela

Common questions about Biodanza

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Biodanza for your relationships

Relationships have a powerful influence on our wellbeing

A regular practice Biodanza strengthens your self-confidence and capacity to relate with others with empathy, clarity, presence and depth. Over time the group acts as a container where you can discover new ways of relating.

Before Biodanza I was very shy, I would walk in the street and avoid making eye contact with others. I used to be terrified of standing up in front of other people. Through Biodanza I have definitely becomes more confident. Now I walk in the street, looking at others, smiling at them and I get smiles back.” Zola participant in a weekly group

“The support, presence, love and miracles during the class. I learn from every one of you. I learned so much about life, love, forgiveness and peace by sharing this with others. I’m truly grateful and honoured to be a part of the Biodanza journey.” Jenny, weekly participant

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There are 3 000 facilitators of Biodanza worldwide. In Australia Biodanza is growing with classes, workshops, courses and facilitator training.

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Applications are now open for the 3rd cycle of the Biodanza School. Read more . . .

Biodanza has sort of cracked me open to possibility. . .  I feel as though I’m stepping into a journey that I feel quite sure will help my light shine a little brighter in the world; where joy and movement will fuel the truth inside that longs to be seen, felt & heard.” Laura