“I started dancing at the end of last year, just after my dad died, as a way to deal with the terrible grief I was feeling. Through Den’s tango classes I learned about Biodanza and decided to give it a go. I won’t pretend it was easy at first. (…) But something shifted in July and life has continued to improve every day since then, even with the natural ups and downs. I feel so much better (mentally, physically and soulfully) than I did a year ago and I really feel that Biodanza has done that.

2020 already feels like a big, bright, beautiful year and I can’t wait!” Merryl (Participant weekly class, ACT) 

“Biodanza is exactly what I was looking for . . . Freestyle, intuitive, reaching deeply into my being, expressing so many aspects of myself. Realising and experiencing deep connection between physical movement and state of mind . . . A truly liberating experience!” Len participant at a meditation retreat

“ I found the workshop absolutely wonderful, nourishing to the soul, restful to mind and energising to the body. Having experienced the energy and wonder of Biodanza I know more about what I need to do for myself. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do that and be a part of a wonderful experience.” Lidia (Psychotherapist, NSW)

“The recent weekend was truly amazing: It was such a wonderful experience to partake in the vivencias, teachings, etc., to come along to the group, be accepted and affirmed for who I am and to make loving and intimate connections with each individual. I really enjoyed your passion, enthusiasm and strength as facilitator and am looking forward to more.”
Jamie (Electrician, NSW)

“What you are offering in my life is a precious and priceless gem which nourishes and expands me on a deep level, and brings me great joy which I can pass on to others, how much more beautiful can a gift be???”
Lisa (The Form Therapist, QLD)

“My experience within the Biodanza School of Australia was one of the most inspiring and uplifting forms of education I have ever experienced. The course fostered a sense of love and support for my personal journey, whilst teaching me the core elements of the Biodanza system. As an osteopath, I value research based approaches and well presented course material, and I found both within the Biodanza School of Australia. I look forward to being a part of the next school!” Melissa (Osteopath, VIC)

“Biodanza for me has been a life changing experience. When I started the School of Biodanza in Australia I was very sad, my personal life was not going well and I was unhappy at work. I was thinking of going onto medication, I was stressed and without energy. I had done Biodanza in Brazil and entering the School in Australia changed everything, it took me to another level inside myself. From this personal development I then learned how to share the system with others. Thanks to Biodanza I have recuperated happiness and joy in my life without anti-depressants.” Claudio (Head of IT, NSW)

“The School enabled me to grow organically by reconnecting with the innate wisdom stored in each cell of my body. What more could I ask if my aim is to live life to the fullest? I relearned to connect the dots, to communicate without words, to be in the knowing of how we are all connected, part of the same.” Heleen (Yoga Teacher, NSW)

“I discovered Biodanza seven years ago on an overseas trip and I felt blessed when it finally was available in Australia so I didn’t waste any time to start my training. Now I’m so looking forward to being a facilitator and sharing Biodanza.” Giovi (Natural Medicine Business Owner, TAS)

“In the School of Biodanza I could explore my creativity through dance, share that experience with others, let go of everyday stress and embrace the joy of movement. To do the School of Biodanza is to begin a journey that encompasses all – that is life affirming.” Kath (Nurse, NSW)