Biodanza Effects on Stress Reduction and Well-Being

The Biodanza method was developed by Rolando Toro in the 1960s. Toro’s aim was that people learn how
to live well and happily together.

‘When people are happy, then they are healthy, feel well and learn to reduce their stress’.
– Seeligman, the founder of positive psychology

The method works with dances, music and group experiences. It stimulates autoregulation and is based on the concept of human integration on a personal, interpersonal and transcendental level.


Biodanza has an unique approach towards health and well-being. It aims to work with dance and group experiences to reinforce intra- and inter-individual resources, reduce stress and increase well-being.

As a method it has been scientifically proven to have an effect on impatience, ability to recover, feeling of activation, physiological sympathetic activity (e.g. heart rate, skin response), increased mood, feeling of well-being, immunological effectiveness and increased expression of emotion.

Up to 2016, 13 studies and one systematic review about Biodanza studies have been published.


If you enjoy the fine print and details, read this summarised review of seven Biodanza studies on stress reduction and well-being.

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