Biodanza School

biodanza dance school

Biodanza School of Australia – a profound and life-affirming course of workshops

A program in personal development and Biodanza facilitator training. A place to enjoy and honour your desire. An opportunity to grow through the dances, exercises and process of the Biodanza method. 

The Biodanza School course facilitates new starts, re-births and discoveries of new possibilities for you. In your relationships, how you feel in your life and how you live . It is an exquisite path for realizing your potential for healthy, vital and pleasurable living. It may even be the beginning of a new expression of work as a Biodanza facilitator.

People enter the Biodanza School for different reasons. We recognized that not everyone wishes to, or is suited to complete all the modules or to become a Biodanza facilitator.

There are a number of possible pathways from the commencement of the Biodanza School.

“My experience within the Biodanza School of Australia was one of the most inspiring and uplifting forms of education I have ever experienced. The course fostered a sense of love and support for my personal journey, whilst teaching me the core elements of the Biodanza system. . . As an osteopath, I value research based approaches and well presented course material, and I found both within the Biodanza School of Australia. I look forward to being a part of the next school!”    Melissa – Osteopath

Many people shed old skins and welcome new possibilities for their lives during the school. And if the vocation of facilitator calls you,  you can learn to offer the Biodanza system to others. 
Current Cycle
The Biodanza School personal development and facilitator training program takes 3 years. A cycle commences every few years in Australia. The current began in September 2019.
Next Cycle
Applications will open for the next cycle in mid-2022.  You need Biodanza experience to apply for the training program. Ideally 50+ hours in a regular group and weekend workshops.
Even during Covid 19, you can stay engaged and develop your experience. There are events online and classes is some locations. See local class information
Read the BSA3 Invitation to Apply from the current cycle for more details.
 Please write to us at about upcoming events and questions about the school.