Here is a little bit about what you might expect but of course your experience will be your own.
Common questions that people ask about Biodanza:
How does a session of Biodanza work?
There are 3 parts to a weekly session:
  • an optional verbal sharing by participants about their previous session and time for any questions;
  • a brief introduction by the facilitator to the coming dance session and
  • the dancing, which is the main part of the class, it is non-verbal and follows a flow from active and rhythmic to slower and more melodic.
Each session has a theme and purpose with dances and exercises linked to specific music. The participants move and dance as they feel, expressing through their own movement.
I am quite a shy person, do you think I can do Biodanza?
Yes! Many people that do Biodanza are a bit shy at first but the more you do Biodanza, the more your confidence will have a chance to develop. The sessions are an encouraging environment for you to find your sense of inner joy, ease and confidence.
Who can do Biodanza?
Biodanza sessions are suitable for everyone, regardless of age or ability. You don’t have to be able to dance or have a certain level of fitness to do Biodanza. You are always encouraged to do everything in the sessions in self-regulation, You are always invited to move how it is comfortable for you.
What should I wear?
We recommend that you wear comfortable clothes and dance barefoot or with light dance/sport shoes (socks are not recommended in case of slipping).
What music is used?
We play a wide variety of music encompassing various styles and beautiful tracks from all over the world from Rock to African, Jazz to Ethnic, Latin to Classical, etc.
Can I do Biodanza on my own?
Biodanza is always offered in a group setting. It’s a key feature of the method to offer a dynamic, social space for fun and learning/interaction that develops our capacity to appreciate diversity and connect authentically in feedback.
So now that you are all set for your first class/session here is information on classes in your area.