Facilitator and Didactic Teacher


I started Biodanza in South Africa at a very low point when I struggling for a way to recover my fundamental joy for living. Biodanza came into my life quite unexpectedly, lifted me up and enabled me to opened me up again in a simple, beautiful and direct way. Dance after dance I felt myself unfold back towards life – towards joy – towards love.

I have always been passionate about dancing and about social change and contribution but had never imagined that they could be related. In my mind the former was my hobby, the latter my work. It was amazing to come across the Biodanza system that incorporates both so well and consistently.

In 1999, while I was living in South Africa, I had the dream to become a facilitator. I completed the 3 year training in Johannesburg and taught in South Africa for the next ten years. I worked in social projects, a pre-school, government and corporate settings with Biodanza. (see more about my corporate and organisational work with Biodanza). I also trained to be able to teach Biodanza teachers in Brazil.

When my heart called me back to live in Australia with my love I came back to live in Sydney.

Biodanza has taken me dancing all over the world and into contact with extraordinary people, including the creator of Biodanza – Rolando Toro Araneda. I continue to love how Biodanza keeps enabling me to unfold me into a deeper connection with and appreciation of Life. Like Rolando I’d love to be dancing til I’m in my 80s!

I am also deeply grateful to Rolando and all of the many people that have worked so hard over the years to ensure that we have this wonderful system of integrity to share today.

Please contact me with any queries about Biodanza in Sydney, Canberra or if you would like me to come and bring Biodanza to your area.

I look forward to dancing with you someday soon!

Phone: 0498 006 131


 “Kate is a highly talented Biodanza teacher. She is passionate about it and masters completely the subject. She mentors me very effectively. I recommend her highly.”
Alain Willem – Executive coach at Path Coaching Pty Ltd

“Kate is a very experienced Biodanza facilitator and trained Didactics teacher, and in her other work also facilitates OD processes. She has been instrumental in taking Biodanza forward in South Africa, including in the establishment of an association of facilitators in South Africa. Her calm and thoughtful approach was essential in helping to negotiate many pitfalls in this process.” Ian Goldman – Head of Evaluation and Research, South African Presidency

“Kate brings warmth, depth and empathy to the transformational work that is facilitated through the Biodanza methodology. Kate’s ability to work with diverse groups and different levels of experience reflect her in-depth knowledge and understanding of facilitation and coaching. This translates into an ability to tailor the experience in order to gain the most from the experience.” Karen Kleinot, Commissioner at Commission for Conciliation and Arbitration