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Humans are social, relational beings. Its natural for us to want reciprocal presence and love within our relationships.
But sometimes its hard.
Long hours, life stresses and old, unresolved hurts make it challenging to be present with ourselves and with others and hard for the love to flow with ease. No one sets out to have ‘bad’ relationships but patterns can emerge that rob you of the quality of presence and connection that you deeply desire.
Maybe you already ‘know’ these patterns don’t serve you but knowing this conceptually hasn’t necessarily changed things much. It is one thing to ‘think’ or talk to change a pattern and another thing entirely to live experiences in your body that develop new pathways for relating.
The approach to human growth and development in Biodanza is to nourish the roots of presence and connection contained in the biological potential within your body. Through movement, dance and exercises within a group container these lived experiences enable new forms of love, presence and expression to express. And this supports healthy living and loving.
This Biodanza workshop will invite you to experiences that enable you to start writing new stories of love and presence in your life with friends, intimate partners, colleagues and family.
We will draw on the theory of Structuring Moments which offers the idea that regardless of what you have lived in the past, you can activate within you the capacity for fulfilling relationships by having good experiences now. You can re-write your inherited stories about love.
Who can attend
You need some experience with Biodanza for this workshop, preferably 3-6 months of regular practice and/or a workshop. Having an existing orientation with Biodanza will mean it is easier to enter the process and benefit from the experience. If you want to discuss this requirements, please contact Laura at
This workshop is suitable to be done in couples and individually.
What is Biodanza
Biodanza is an integrative system of human development. Professor Rolando Toro Araneda developed Biodanza based on studies in anthropology, psychology and biology. He wanted to help people deal with the stresses and disconnect of modern life and to feel more joy, vitality and connection. Published scientific research on Biodanza including studies at the prestigious Leipzig University in Germany have shown the benefits of regular Biodanza include increased optimism and better management of stress and relationships.
About your Facilitators
Claudio Gomes and Kate Clement trained in Brazil and South Africa as Biodanza facilitators and dancers and they will present this course. Both have been doing Biodanza for more than twenty years and bring a depth of experience and humanity to their facilitation.
Kate completed Biodanza training in South Africa and Brazil. She has worked with Biodanza for 20 years. She has worked with Biodanza in a variety of settings from executive teams in the Philippines to teenagers in social projects in South Africa and with hundreds of different people in weekly classes, workshops and retreats. She is a Director of the School of Biodanza in Australia, offering personal growth and running the 3 year Biodanza facilitator training program.
Claudio has been involved with Biodanza for more than 20 years and has a significant depth of experience with Biodanza. He is also an accomplished dancer and respected trainer of Brazilian dance teachers in Australia. After a successful IT career in senior roles in Sydney and Rio de Janeiro he moved into coaching and is now a sought after coach working with executives in the Australian public service.
“As a couple Biodanza supports us to stay connected with ourselves and each other, to keep passion alive, be open to keep growing, face challenges together and embrace the creative challenges of living with life at the centre. Biodanza keeps us in contact with the real and the essential within and together – it offers us a fulfilling way to keep growing into our life and love.”
START: Friday night at 7pm
FINISH: Sunday at 3pm
Railway Barracks Dance Retreat, Goulburn
1 hour drive from Canberra – 2 hours drive from Sydney.
The Railway Barracks at Goulburn is a purpose-built dance retreat venue. The venue has a wonderful setup and energy for holding a group. As well as lovely wooden floors in the renovated dance space, there are floor to ceiling north facing windows, a spacious outdoor deck and a big cosy fireplace for winter. With a well equipped kitchen, separate dining room and shared rooms for up to 40 people on-site it is a very convenient and comfortable workshop venue.
Earlybird until 23 May 2020 – $300
Full price – $360
Price includes the workshop only.
Railway Barracks offers a comfy shared accommodation, with linen and a simple breaky and the price is $70 per person per night.
Accommodation is paid online before the event directly to the venue. We will send those links through when you have confirmed your place and paid.
For more information please contact Laura (