Saturdays Biodanza Sessions!

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This event finished on 18 September 2021

Saturday Biodanza Sessions

It’s an invitation every 2 weeks to explore different themes connected to life. Laura is designing sessions inspired by the elements and symbols that represent our humanity. Every session will be an invitation to deepening into a creative theme, dance and incorporate the vivencia, wear it and fully live the experience of dancing with life, yourself, others and the entire nature!

Laura did her Biodanza training in Colombia. She brings a powerful, dynamic and heart-centred approach to her facilitation. She will travel up from Melbourne especially to run these special sessions.

Enjoy a blissful session of Biodanza with her every 2nd Saturday.

○ Aug 7 – Connecting with the elements:Water
○ Aug 21 – Connecting with the elements: Earth
○ Sept 4 – Connecting with the elements: Fire
○ Sept 18 – Connecting with the elements: Wind

○ 2.30 – 4.30pm
○ Lynenham Primary School

PRICE: $35