Tending our Inner Fire – 5 Week Series Canberra


Kate Clement will give this 5 week series focussing on replenishment and supporting the tending of our inner fire, supportive for our whole being throughout this time of the year.

DATES: 19 August – 16 Sept



Join us for a special treat – a series of Biodanza for you to keep tending to your inner fire throughout winter. Fire brings light and warmth. Our inner fire keeps us going, moving towards what is good for our life, reminding us to stay connected to pleasure and delight, to the things that warm our hearts.

Regular Biodanza, particular weekly, reinforces our tendencies towards positive states of being. It is where you really feel the benefits of this powerful and pleasurable pathway towards more expansive living. All with a respectful system grounded in human sciences & the arts


Kate Clement and Claudio Gomes, have been practicing Biodanza in Brazil, South Africa and Australia from 1994. They started teaching dance in Sydney in 2004 and have brought the joy of movement to over 3,500 students in Australia since then.