Biodanza SYD -End of year Celebration!


End of Year Celebration!

-During the morning session, families welcome! Pay at the door with a previous sign up.

-Sharing lunch at the park

-And closing the day with an afternoon session (without kids), buy your tickets online and join us!



Dear Dancing Friends,
Join me for a day of Biodanza celebration on Sunday 1 December.

I would like to invite you and all those you love to a family vivencia and celebration in the morning. You are welcome to bring along friends, family and children to the morning session at the East Sydney Community and Arts Centre, 34 Burton Street.

*Time 10.30 -11.30am
*Cost Chidren $10, Adults $15
*Pay by cash at the door. Sign up sending an email to Agnes:

*This will be followed by Tea and Lunch in the park next to the Centre.*

There will also be an afternoon session of Biodanza (without children) to indulge in a vivencia of wonder for a year well-lived for those who can stay and others who can only join us later.

*Time 2-4 pm
*Cost -$20 Early Bird (Before Friday 29 November- BUY YOUR TICKET ONLINE)
-$30  At the door

Someone once said that we must be careful not to outsource our lives.  This is not possible when you do Biodanza. Through this experience of emotive expressive dance we create a special sense of community when we meet in the circle. Bring those you love and join us!

I am looking forward to spending the day with you,
Biodanza Hugs,