Biodanza Saturdays Series NOV 21


Inviting you to a re-gathering and re-uniting both with our Canberra community of dancers and also with the parts of yourself that need attention and care and are really looking forward to moving freely!

*Time*2.00 to 4.00 pm

*Venue*Corroboree Park Hall

*Price $35



Biodanza Saturdays Series
~6-13-20 & 27th of November~

Finally, we can Dance! It’s been a long wait between dances for our dancing community and finally, we can Meet, Gather and Move!

We invite you to join us for the coming Saturday series of Biodanza.

Invite the life within you to move you, dance you, awaken your life force and restore your links to joy, connection and possibility. Bringing back your wellbeing with dancing.

It’s been a tough year and so much time with uncertainty and being in front of screens has left lots of people feeling disconnected. We invite you step by step to wake up and reconnection with dancing together and feeling your living, moving, sensing self in movement.

After the class, we will have a little afternoon tea either in the hall or in the park next door.

We invite you to this 4-week series which gives us all the invitation to restore our links with life and each other through vivencias in a colourful interplay of the 5 Lines of Vivencia ~.

We have all lived so much in this last year and these vivencias are an invitation to restore your inner and outer links with life, to give yourself a chance to come back to organic homeostasis, to release tensions and holding, welcome back sensitivity, feelings and sensations of pleasure, ecstasy, intasy as well as simple contentment.


2.00 to 4.00 pm


Corroboree Park Hall



IMPORTANT: Credit – If you have a credit note with us for missed classes or half terms, you can use it for these classes. Please note your credit note is only valid until the end of 2021. You can also use it for the Gratitude Dance on 4 December or for the January Retreat if you buy it this year.

Terms and Conditions
If we have to cancel the course because of Covid, you will receive a credit note for 70% of the value which must be used by March 2022.

Life is adaptive and Biodanza is the dance of life so we will adapt our exercises for Covid safety and offer options for your individual comfort. There will still be connection with each other, we just need to be a bit more creative.

COVID Safe Plan
* We will follow all procedures recommended by ACT Health including opening doors and windows for ventilation.
* We will follow gathering limits and distancing recommendations.
* Everyone will need to check-in using QR Code and Check-0in the CBR app
* There will be a hand-sanitiser available
* We won’t have any dances of physical contact.
* If you are unwell, please don’t attend, you can request a refund up to 8 am that morning.

Any further information or requests contact:
Agnes ( or by phone: +64 22 456 4150.

Looking forward to dancing together!