Why do we dance?

A decade ago, I was in a nightclub with my best friend and at one point she touched me on the shoulder and told me “open your eyes it’s prettier”.

At about the same time, I discovered a space of expression where I could close my eyes to feel better and open my eyes to see better.

This place became the weekly time to check up on me: from the sensations of my body, I could see where I was today.

I discovered a space where everyone could express all their colours.

As the weeks went by, I discovered a link for them (the other dancers in the group): a huge respect for everything they could express, dance.

Their gazes, their faces, their movements… became a part of me.

Dance as an expression that belongs to everyone, as a possibility to go and say with the body everything that the word cannot express.

Going beyond differences, going beyond esthetics. Feeling… my body, the pleasure of moving, my breathing, my heart beating. And see…. See the contours, see the movement, see where I’m going, see the beauty.

I dance to feel, to get in touch with what I think, with what I feel and to put it into action in my life.