Why Does Your Brain Love It When You Dance?


We all love dancing, even those of us with two left feet. What makes dancing so special?

It is thrilling.

Our brain loves anticipation, probably even more than the actual rewards themselves. The pleasure that we derive from music is chiefly related to the intermingling of anticipation and surprise – you start listening to a tune, find a repeating pattern in it and then start anticipating the pattern. This anticipation is thrilling and so is the moment when anticipation and reality meet. However, too much predictability can start to get boring, so musicians throw in little elements of surprise – when the brain is anticipating something but gets something else, perhaps even better than what it was anticipating. These little surprises are pleasant for the brain too.

Music (and dance) are known to influence health through neurochemical changes in the following four domains: (i) reward, motivation and pleasure; (ii) stress and arousal; (iii) immunity; and (iv) social affiliation [1]. Dance (as compared to just music) also includes the all-round benefits that physical activity provides to the body and mind.

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