Welcome to Biodanza!

Humans are born to move and connect!
You know you need to move more.
You know social connection is important for mental health and wellbeing.
But how do you  fit this into a busy life ?
One class a week of Biodanza is enough for you to make a change.


The music lifts your mood and makes you want to move. The ‘dances’ are organic and feel natural. The interaction is playful and easy. You leave feeling grounded, energised and connected.
Sound good ? We invite you to come and try out a session of Biodanza.
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Biodanza moves you out of the ‘stress loop’ of overthinking and gets you back into your body, leaving you energised and uplifted.

Biodanza is a like a ‘joy bomb’ and positive emotions have power. Read more about this.
“Dance as an expression that belongs to everyone, as a possibility to go and say with the body everything that the word cannot express.” Elodie from Belgium. Read about Elodie’s journey in Biodanza. Read more

More social connection = Less Stress

A lot of research points to how important social connection is to our mental health and management of stress. We need to feel connected, to feel ok.

Biodanza is not just about the dance its also about the social connection.

What a day and workshop!  . . .  I felt so energised and alive!  My family and friends wanted to know what I’d been on, they were convinced I must have taken something to feel this amazing!?  Can’t wait for more . .”  Lisa, mother and health enthusiast
The dances and exercises in Biodanza dissolve the effects of stress. Biodanza participants report they sleep better and feel more energised.
Published scientific research into Biodanza at the University of Leipzig in Germany showed weekly participation increased optimism about life, reduced levels of anxiety and strengthened the immune read more . . .

“There is intelligence and purpose behind the seemingly simple dances and movements. If you are able to trust the process, the rewards and benefits are exponential.” Shawn , Horticulture specialist

Common questions about Biodanza

biodanza dance

Biodanza for your relationship

Relationships have a powerful influence on our wellbeing and growing up most of us didn’t learn how to really ‘do’ good relationships.
A regular practice Biodanza strengthens your self-confidence. Many people coming out of relationships find Biodanza helps them to develop themselves to be ready to love again.
Before Biodanza I was very shy, I would walk in the street and avoid making eye contact with others. I used to be terrified of standing up in front of other people. Through Biodanza I have definitely becomes more confident. Now I walk in the street, looking at others, smiling at them and I get smiles back.” Zola weekly participant
“The support, presence, love and miracles during the class. I learn from every one of you. I learned so much about life, love, forgiveness and peace by sharing this with others. I’m truly grateful and honoured to be a part of the Biodanza journey.” Jenny, weekly participant

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There are 3 000 facilitators of Biodanza worldwide. In Australia Biodanza is growing with classes, workshops, courses and facilitator training.
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Biodanza has sort of cracked me open to possibility. . .  I feel as though I’m stepping into a journey that I feel quite sure will help my light shine a little brighter in the world; where joy and movement will fuel the truth inside that longs to be seen, felt & heard.” Laura